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ace_dressing's Journal

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dressing Room
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A Phoenix Wright/Gyakuten Saiban dressing room community.
Phoenix Wright/Gyakuten Saiban Dressing Room

Hello and welcome to the Phoenix Wright/Gyakuten Saiban Dressing Room.

As noted above, this community is based off the Phoenix Wright series of games, as well as the spin-offs, Apollo Justice and Miles Edgeworth: Perfect Prosecutor. AU characters of all kinds are welcome and accepted. All we ask is that you keep in character and respect your fellow players outside of character.
That, and make sure you keep your entries tagged to prevent confusion and to make finding logs easier.

Enjoy your stay and remember: there is only one truth.

[ M O D S ]

The community is moderated by:

violetta_c / Jeannie
AIM- FiragaWyvern
E-mail- Bunnybrain01@hotmail.com
Player of: OU!Viola Cadaverini, AU!Mia Fey

ace_hobo_pw / Silver
AIM- SearchX29
E-mail- on_the_edge_06@yahoo.com
Player of: OU!Hobo Phoenix, OU!Larry Butz

[ A F F I L I A T E S ]

None! Talk to one of our mods if you wish to become an affiliate!

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