Trucy Wright (newright) wrote in ace_dressing,
Trucy Wright

[You can has Trucy? Why yes, you can. She's just standing in the middle of the hall, looking very lost and very upset.]



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Where are we...?
I'm not sure, exactly, but try to calm down. Everything here seems safe... at least, if you disregard all the 'special' people running around. But they've all proven themselves to be failures anyway, so not much to worry about.

How did we get here? Is Polly here, too?
He might be. And from what I can tell, we were just... pulled here. Not very assuring, I know. I'm working on it.
How weird. Do we have to stay here?
Unfortunately, until we find a way out, we have no choice.
Whaaaat? Really?
Unfortunately. Just relax. I'm here, aren't I?
Yeah, that's true. I guess this won't be that bad, then. And if Apollo's here, too, then it'll be almost like home!

Oh, I'm sure we'll be able to find a nice room for you to trash. Then it'll really feel like home.
Aw, I'm not that bad!

And it was Polly that knocked all that stuff over last time...
Ah, yes, when in doubt, blame Apollo. I like that logic.
I wonder where he is... Maybe he got lost, too.
I'm sure he's just avoiding us now that he technically doesn't work for the Wright Talent Agency anymore. He's free to actually be a lawyer now, go figure.
That doesn't sound like Polly to me.
Really? Maybe we're from different universes then.
[She laughs.]

I was only kidding. You're too easy sometimes.
Hahaha. Don't blame me. It's entirely possible. And I'm getting old. My back is beginning to give out.
You're not that old!
I'm old enough, surely.
You're only as old as you feel!

I guess you might be kinda old, though.
I'm old enough to kick you darn kids off my lawn. Now run along, maybe find a room we can set up and then destroy. Daddy has business to take care of.
Alright, Daddy. I'll see if I can find Polly while I'm at it.

[She actually leaves!]